F Mark is a product design consultancy which specialises in the design of lighting products

We provide every facet of the product development process, to ensure total satisfaction to the Client and End User alike

Innovation is very addictive! Every day we are working on creating new ideas and solving problems. This can come in the form of simply finding the right component to fit perfectly in to a design, working with End Users to solve specific lighting challenges, or collaborating with lighting manufacturers (OEMs), to create previously unseen lighting products to solve specific Application needs

Professionally, we have never been highly motivated to win awards, but if the work we have been involved in gains recognition in this way, then that is fantastic. We have always been far more motivated to create products that suit the market and meet a need, thus generating sales. We can be precious about design but, ultimately, sales makes companies happy and greatly increases the likelihood of repeat business for F Mark! However, the message we try and send out is that good design should not cost the company or end user more, as long as this has been considered from the outset

As you will see, F Mark is not afraid of meeting head on some of the challenges and opportunities that the lighting industry is facing. Products are becoming Solutions. Inert objects are becoming digital gateways and Sales need to embrace Application thinking. F Mark provide a fresh pair of eyes to companies and seek to complement existing design teams for as little or as long as required

We typically work in two ways. One being traditional reactive consultancy, where we are approached to develop a product brief to a scope provided by the OEM. The other being proactive consultancy, where F Mark develops ideas to meet specific Application needs and then we approach OEMs who we feel would benefit from the design in question and see if they would like to continue to develop the product with us. This builds trust and a collaborative spirit

The ultimate goal is to help create more sustainable and quality lighting products, which will suit this new digital age, whilst embracing the concept of good quality lighting and user wellbeing